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What products (or collection of products) are float center owners using for water treatment/disinfectant?

We started with using a collection on chlorine products in our float pods and after more research switched to hydrogen peroxide. We have been using Peroxysan for 8 months now and absolutely LOVE it. I was just curious what other products are other fl...
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Article in the Reading Chronicle

We had a decent article written about us and floating in one of our local newspapers. ...
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looking to get my own personal float tank, I have no idea what I need as far as requirements...

Hi, I would love for someone to post some info about what would be the best availbe options for a float tank room! I'm clueless as to what I would need besides the float tank. I plan on having a remodel and would like to use one of the rooms for a fl...
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Is the "Float Pod" brand light proof?

There is an image of the "float pod" brand float pod that was uploaded byNatasha Botbijl that shows light being emitted from a closed hatch. The simple logic goes that if light can escape, it can also get it. This concerns me that this device isn't ...
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Float Room vs Float Pod??

Hello fellow float enthusiasts! I, like a seemingly growing number of people, have decided to take the plunge and open my own floatation centre in the UK. I have a premises secured and am now in the business of making all the planning over the last ...
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