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What is the Maximum Saturation of Epsom Salt at 93.5°F

This question has come up several times so here is a graph showing the saturation of MgSO4• 7 H2O (Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate, Epsom Salt) at various temperatures. Since 1mL of water is 1 gram and the data is grams of Epsom Salt per 100mL of wat...
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Measuring Specific Gravity

Hello fellow floaters!! I´m planning to up a float center here in Finland with DIY rooms. You have been already really helpful with this site, so thank you!! Building now the first prototype and its almost ready for filling it up with water and do ...
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Float Pod Temperature Calibration

I am experiencing similar problems in my new float pod. The temperature set to 94 is way too hot. I tried 90 and still way too hot. Cooling down to 80 to try that. My Calibration must be screwed up. Any one have a float pod? I have about 50 hrs of fl...
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