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New home build

Hi All, I will be building a new house in April and really want to add a float tank in the basement. This will be used just for myself and maybe the wife.Are there any specs or plans for a new build. I guess the best plan is have a tiled "bathtub"...
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Float Pod Temperature Calibration

I am experiencing similar problems in my new float pod. The temperature set to 94 is way too hot. I tried 90 and still way too hot. Cooling down to 80 to try that. My Calibration must be screwed up. Any one have a float pod? I have about 50 hrs of fl...
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Tank Temperature Too High

We have an Oasis tank, and although the temperature is set at 94 degrees, this morning it read at 100 degrees. I can't figure out what has caused the temperature to suddenly rise. Anyone have any experience in this?...
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Watlow Temp Monitor

I have Watlow Heater control that came with my samadhi. I just bought a digital thermometer and couldn't believe how far off it was. I thought i was a cool temp floater. 90.5, and evenat that tempI was a bit warm, then discovered my Watlow is about 6...
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Maintaining tank temp

I have an Oasis tank, and I wanted to know if is okay to keep the heater on overnight to maintain the temperature? Also, it came with a bubble wrap blanket to put over the water, is this necessary, do others use or not use this? Thanks for any info!...
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