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Article in the Reading Chronicle

We had a decent article written about us and floating in one of our local newspapers. ...
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Hello, everyone! So I noticed maybe about a week ago that my tank started having a kind of an off smell to it, so I figured I would treat it with some Spa Boss Spa Shock and ever since the water is now light green and smells like the spa shock sti...
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To Dead Sea or NOT to Dead Sea

We all know about the comparisons of Floating and the Dead Sea. Many people have it on their website to describe the experience. Am I wrong in thinking that this comparison is not only unnecessary but may be detrimental as a selling point for Floatin...
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Air volume

I want to build my own float tank. Does anyone know how much air volume should be in the tank for a person to be safe for a 1 to 2 hour float? I plan to put air vents in the tank just in case....
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