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Getting ready to fill!

Can you use Vibration Isolation Pads directly under a pod? Or would it be recommended to place a board between them and the pod?...
Float Expert

Float tank certification by national testing lab

We are getting strong pushback from our local electrical inspector requiring our tanks to be certified by a national testing lab such as UL or NSF. As far as I (or Glenn Perry) knows, no such tank exists, but Chris Koster at Ocean Float Rooms says it...
Float Master

How do You Use an Oxygen Generator in a Floatation Pod?

In Joe Rogans video where he gives away his Samadhi Floatation Tank (Linked Below), he is installing a new tank from Float Lab and shows an oxygen generator that he uses (2min 45sec)? Have you used an oxygen generator, and if so, how do you set it u...
Float Enthusiast

Installing a light in a floatation spa

Hello Everyone! I ordered a light to go inside of my floatation spa. For those of you who have also done this, I was wondering where you installed it? I haven't received it yet, so I have no idea how long the cords are. I would prefer to install the...
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floatation spa air circulation

I have an Oasis spa. There are two vent holes in the back for ventilation. I believe the Sahmadi spa has an air circulation system? I was reading about it on their website.   Question: Can some sort of air circulation system be installed in a...
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