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Home diy float room

Bathroom rebuild? we are planning a new bathroom next to our old. The old one were initially ment for a walk-in closet, but now i am thinking about building a floating room.:-) it is 4x2meters. Will be right next to our new shower, so i can make ...
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Heating for float rooms

I currently own a Zen float tent but am buying my own house in a few months time and am planning to dedicate one of the spare rooms to floating. I'm hoping to do a full on build out and have decided to make it a float room type, rather than a pod. I'...
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KW rating for inline heater.

Hi everyone Im undertaking manufacturing my own float tanks. I have some questions but ill shoot them one by one, so here is the first. 1. Ive been looking at various inline heaters and have to decide between an 11kw & 5.5kw. Is an 11kw heater ove...
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Replacement Water Heaters

We have acquired an older Samahdi tank and are fixing it up. We're almost there! We have a room leased to put it in, 850 lbs of epsom salt on hand, almost everything. Because it's going on a giant heatsink (hundreds of thousands of pounds of concrete...
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Hot Water Heater(s) to supply showers

Hi everyone, I think i've found a spot to open my float center and I'm hoping to get some feedback on how best to supply hot water to the shower(s).  Is a 50 gal water heater sufficient per room/shower?  Do any of you use an on-demand hot ...
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Heater tripping GFCI

howdy We came in to find the GFCI had tripped in our Samadhi room. Unplugged everything, started plugging in one at a time, and determined that the ground line on that steel pipe was causing the trip. I believe that means the water is being electri...
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