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Determining the water bill

All, I've secured an investor for my float center and I'm trying to finish up my total monthly expenses so I can narrow down how much rent I can expect to afford monthly. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the water situation and budgeting acc...
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How do you handle showers, clean up and flitration, time wise?

How do you schedule your times to allow for showers, clean up and filtration? Like do you include the time to take shower as part of the hour float? What is the alloted time from the person entering the float room, before the next floater can enter? ...
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Soaps for Pre and Post Floats

We've been to a lot locations that use Dr. Bronner's and locally produced liquid soaps. Those are way too thin in our opinion. It seems like you end up using a massive amount and no suds. We ended up feeling not very clean afterwards and felt bad usi...
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Sealants for existing tile floors and walls?

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for "waterproofing" sealants (not coatings) which can be applied to existing tiles which do not have epoxy-based grout? This application in particular is for the float suite shower/bath only, but I would be intere...
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Towel and Laundry usage

Hello, I am planning a three tank centre and I feel like I am just guessing at the number of towels to budget for. How many 'floats worth' of towels/robes do you have on-hand? How often do you run your laundry machines? How many guests actually use t...
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Hot Water Heater(s) to supply showers

Hi everyone, I think i've found a spot to open my float center and I'm hoping to get some feedback on how best to supply hot water to the shower(s).  Is a 50 gal water heater sufficient per room/shower?  Do any of you use an on-demand hot ...
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