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I'M Opening a Spa Center and Need to Buy Motors and Pumps

I'm building a float center in my city and doing it from scratch. There are 3 large tubs and I require spa packs for them. Could anyone help me in acquiring the spa packs, please.There are so many manufacturers out there and I don't know which or wh...
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how long does it take to heat a tank with water mattress heater

Hi guys, I have built a tank before in South America, I used a spa heater and filtration. But now I'm planning on building a tank in my studio/room, I won't have as much space and ability to make noise, so my question is, how long will it take to he...
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Home diy float room

Bathroom rebuild? we are planning a new bathroom next to our old. The old one were initially ment for a walk-in closet, but now i am thinking about building a floating room.:-) it is 4x2meters. Will be right next to our new shower, so i can make ...
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New home build

Hi All, I will be building a new house in April and really want to add a float tank in the basement. This will be used just for myself and maybe the wife.Are there any specs or plans for a new build. I guess the best plan is have a tiled "bathtub"...
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