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Float Newb

3 Float Tanks for Sale- 2 Dream Pods new motor)

Hi Everyone, Due to the concentration of float tanks in my area, I am finding it difficult to turn a profit and looking to sell my float tanks to move onto other business ventures. 2 Dream Pod v1 with Custom Manufactured North American Filters ...
Float Newb

Bromine Stains on Oasis Relaxation Liner

Hi friends, I'm using bromine (I'm in Canada, it's what folks use up here) in my tanks (1/4 - 1/2 tsp after every float, as soon as I turn the pump on so that there is plenty of time for it to dissolve) and have noticed that there are weird stains o...
Float Expert

Lightly used Oasis Float Tank for sale (2013 version)

Hi all, an Oasis tank just came on to the market. (See brochure). It was used in a home business (friends and friends-of-friends type thing) for the past two years. It's being sold because the guy is moving into a new home and can't take it with him...
Float Enthusiast

Noob queries from an enthusiast

Hi everyone. My name is Rishi. Although I had heard of floatation tanks since many years, I actually got to experience it a month or so ago and the effect was life changing. No exagerration...not just my perspective but my goal in life changed. NowI...
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