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Hello! Can anyone in western australia assist us in filling out the department of health application for for altering an aqua facility. And/or would like a couple of free volunteers to work at there float business. Thankyou :)

Hello everyone. My brother and I are planning to open a small float centre in Western Australia. Western Australia classes float tank services as an aqua facility. So we have to appropriately fill out the application form " to construct, alter , or...
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Business plan

Hi everyone, I'm really commited to start a flotation centre but I have been struggling because of all the information I can gather everything seems to be from the united states and makes it really dificult for me to come with a plan for a rough idei...
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I'm in the beginning stages of opening my float center

I'm in the beginning stages of opening my float center and I have the daunting task of providing figures to my financial advisor. Is there any operating float center that is willing to provide just a general p & l sheet??Just trying to come up with s...
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I'm having trouble putting it all together...

I am at the beginning stages of starting a float center. I am still doing research, and putting together my business plan. I'm concerned with all the information there is, and I'm afraid I am going to miss something, or overlook something. I am going...
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How Did You Develop Your Market Research when Opening a Center?

The market research is the most that I have had difficulty. I am also trying to start a float center, although i am at a very early stages of developing a plan. Can anyone else share ideas of how did you develop their market research. What I have tri...
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Do I need a business plan to start?

But I don't wish to start a floatation center with many pods. In fact, I want to have just one pod in my bedroom. Do I need legal rights and a business plan to start it?...
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