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Hello, everyone! So I noticed maybe about a week ago that my tank started having a kind of an off smell to it, so I figured I would treat it with some Spa Boss Spa Shock and ever since the water is now light green and smells like the spa shock sti...
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Which is the top sanitizer system?

Does anyone know which of the sanitizing systems i.e. chlorine/UV, ozone/UV, H2O2/UV is the best? How do they compare in price? How do they compare in ease of application? I am leaning towards H2O2 with UV and am aware it is all dependent on what the...
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Opinion on a FloatPod

Hello Everyone. We are looking at purchasing a Floatpod for our center, however we would like to hear some real reviews first! Here is the link:
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Keeping track of float memberships and float packages

What program/system do you use to keep track of how many floats each client has done for both float memberships and packages?...
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