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I'M Opening a Spa Center and Need to Buy Motors and Pumps

I'm building a float center in my city and doing it from scratch. There are 3 large tubs and I require spa packs for them. Could anyone help me in acquiring the spa packs, please.There are so many manufacturers out there and I don't know which or wh...
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Noob Pump Question

I bought a home-made float tank from Craigslist and am confused about my pump options. The guy gave me an Intek above ground pool pump he used to filter his tank. He simply ran the lines over the edge of the base of the tank and down into the float t...
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Hello, everyone! So I noticed maybe about a week ago that my tank started having a kind of an off smell to it, so I figured I would treat it with some Spa Boss Spa Shock and ever since the water is now light green and smells like the spa shock sti...
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3 quick questions about Pump, Heater and Filter

Hi, Im in the process of acquiring a pump, an inline heater and filter for my DIY tank. I have a few questions and would appreciate your input Question 1: PUMP I undertsand the 10% of the impeller needs to be trimmed to move viscous water but ...
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filter and pump?

Is it okay to build a housing around the pump and filter? Do they need to breathe or is it okay to incase them like that or maybe just add a vent of some kind to the housing? It will all be easly removable for mainteinance purposes....
Float Master

What is the best way to flush a pump frozen because of crystalization?

Occasionally a pump will sit without running for a few days and the Epsom salt will crystalize. This will often cause the pump to freeze. I am curious to know the best methods for flushing the pump so it will work again....
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