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Need a lot of hellp !!!!

Hello, everyone! floatingin vest Romania. I`m curious to see if anyone here who is currently operating a centre would be willing to share any financial reports ( filtration system heating system ) or business plan documents so that I have a better ...
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Hello! Can anyone in western australia assist us in filling out the department of health application for for altering an aqua facility. And/or would like a couple of free volunteers to work at there float business. Thankyou :)

Hello everyone. My brother and I are planning to open a small float centre in Western Australia. Western Australia classes float tank services as an aqua facility. So we have to appropriately fill out the application form " to construct, alter , or...
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Business Plan Help

A friend of mine and I have recently discovered floating and have fallen in love with it. We have also been thinking very seriously about opening one of our own here in our home town in South Carolina where floating isn't something that anyone has re...
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Size of Location Center with 3 floating chambers

Hey Guys, I'm interested in opening a location with 3 float tanks, any recommendations on the size of the location....
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Point of Sale software of choice?

Hello again, I'm starting to research various point of sale options for use as my cash register / credit card processing. I've come across some common ones like Square, Intuit, and Erply, but know that there are a lot of options. Does anyone have s...
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FIR Sauna

I have a FIR sauna in my space in addition to the floatation spa. I am also a massage therapist. I am assuming if a sauna is used in conjunction with a floatation spa, it would be better to use the sauna after floating since the sauna would warm ...
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