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Need a lot of hellp !!!!

Hello, everyone! floatingin vest Romania. I`m curious to see if anyone here who is currently operating a centre would be willing to share any financial reports ( filtration system heating system ) or business plan documents so that I have a better ...
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Business Plan Help

A friend of mine and I have recently discovered floating and have fallen in love with it. We have also been thinking very seriously about opening one of our own here in our home town in South Carolina where floating isn't something that anyone has re...
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Sound Proofing Wall (Gym moved next door..sigh)

Hey guys, We are half way through our buildout and just learned a fitness bootcamp gym is moving next door. Obviously a major issue. The building managment is installing the proper sound proofing (as far as I know) per our lease agreement. I had t...
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How do you measure the weight of a filled floatation pod?

I am attempting to get an estimated weight for a filled floatation pod. Is there a formula for this?...
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Can pregnant women in their first trimester use the float tank? What about any other time? I have read several float center websites (FAQ'S) stating they do not allow women in their first trimester to float but offer no explination. What is your exp...
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