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Float Newb

Home diy float room

Bathroom rebuild? we are planning a new bathroom next to our old. The old one were initially ment for a walk-in closet, but now i am thinking about building a floating room.:-) it is 4x2meters. Will be right next to our new shower, so i can make ...
Float Enthusiast

What to use as a door block?

From time to time we get someone who feels like they aren't getting enough air. I happen to be one of these people. My solution was to put a small adhesive door stop on the inside of the door. This keeps the door open about an inch. While this solves...
Float Enthusiast

How did JCL refer to condensation?

JCL looked positively upon condensation during a floatation session. What was the term he used to described condensation during a session? I think it was coincidence event or something like that. ...
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