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Maintenance/Replacement Parts for Escape Pod?

I recently purchased a used escape pod 2014 model disassembled. It came with a used liner and when I was unraveling it there was a razor blade in it! I'm too apprehensive about using this liner as I don't want to deal with clean up of a leak, and mor...
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How is Liner Thickness Measured?

Liners often are presented as 30 mil thick. I can't imagine a liner is 30mm, this would be more than an inch thick. What is the mil and how is it measured? Also, how does guage differ?...
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Where Did You Get Your Liner?

This discussion is for lisitng the different places you can get a liner from. Please list: Company contact info Dimensions Type of material Thickness of material Color of material (or variants they have) Shaped (welded) or raw cut Price ...
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