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Searching for a second hand floating tank near Amsterdam

Hello floatersI am new in the floating world and hope to get some advice on buying a second hand floating tank.My budget is unfortunately low. Maybe a broken one?Some ideas would be great!I am living in Amsterdam, the netherlands....
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Used i-sopod for sales, good condition

I have at the moment one i-sopod for sale: English Producer: i-sopod ®/Floatworks (1 Thrale Street, London, SE1 9HW, UK, + 44 20 7357 0111, Date of production: 2012; currently in use by a commercial floating centre in Poland since June 2012. We...
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Chemical reactions

Hey everyone, So I've fallen in love with floating, and after the beginning of the year, I decided to build my own tank. I'm rather new to pool/spa chemistry and I've hit a roadblock. I used a basic plan from, although I made it...
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The No Free Lunch Principal

Hello, I'm just wondering about the downside to floating. I've just started floating and did 4 floats of about 90-120mins in a period of 3 weeks. What happened is I had a euphoria each time after the float which lasted for 3 days the first time to...
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Opinion on a FloatPod

Hello Everyone. We are looking at purchasing a Floatpod for our center, however we would like to hear some real reviews first! Here is the link:
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Mystery part

I just bought a used Float To Relax tank, and am trying to figure out how to piece it together again. The guy I bought it from had inherited it, and had no idea how any of it worked, so I need to figure out if I even have all parts. Anyway, along wit...
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Floatation Tank Recommendations

Hello everybody! I am new to floation in general, and do not have a wide range of experiences with the different brands and styles of floatation tanks, and was hoping you draw from your knowledge. I am currently doing preliminary research on differe...
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Where Did You Get Your Liner?

This discussion is for lisitng the different places you can get a liner from. Please list: Company contact info Dimensions Type of material Thickness of material Color of material (or variants they have) Shaped (welded) or raw cut Price ...
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