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Float Newb

zen float tent w/custom spill berm $850.

I’m selling my V1.5 Zen Float Tent. Also included is custom spill berm I purchased that the float tent sits in to contain any spills that could possibly happen entering and exiting the float tent or in case of any unfortunate leaks that could occur t...
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Searching for a second hand floating tank near Amsterdam

Hello floatersI am new in the floating world and hope to get some advice on buying a second hand floating tank.My budget is unfortunately low. Maybe a broken one?Some ideas would be great!I am living in Amsterdam, the netherlands....
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Used i-sopod for sales, good condition

I have at the moment one i-sopod for sale: English Producer: i-sopod ®/Floatworks (1 Thrale Street, London, SE1 9HW, UK, + 44 20 7357 0111, Date of production: 2012; currently in use by a commercial floating centre in Poland since June 2012. We...
Float Newb

Chemical reactions

Hey everyone, So I've fallen in love with floating, and after the beginning of the year, I decided to build my own tank. I'm rather new to pool/spa chemistry and I've hit a roadblock. I used a basic plan from, although I made it...
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The No Free Lunch Principal

Hello, I'm just wondering about the downside to floating. I've just started floating and did 4 floats of about 90-120mins in a period of 3 weeks. What happened is I had a euphoria each time after the float which lasted for 3 days the first time to...
Float Newb

Opinion on a FloatPod

Hello Everyone. We are looking at purchasing a Floatpod for our center, however we would like to hear some real reviews first! Here is the link:
Float Expert

Mystery part

I just bought a used Float To Relax tank, and am trying to figure out how to piece it together again. The guy I bought it from had inherited it, and had no idea how any of it worked, so I need to figure out if I even have all parts. Anyway, along wit...
Float Newb

Floatation Tank Recommendations

Hello everybody! I am new to floation in general, and do not have a wide range of experiences with the different brands and styles of floatation tanks, and was hoping you draw from your knowledge. I am currently doing preliminary research on differe...
Float Master

Where Did You Get Your Liner?

This discussion is for lisitng the different places you can get a liner from. Please list: Company contact info Dimensions Type of material Thickness of material Color of material (or variants they have) Shaped (welded) or raw cut Price ...
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