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New Zen Float Tank: For Sale $3000

I am selling a brand new Zen Float Tank with a new pump/UV filtration system. After owning the former version of a sensory deprivation tent made by Zen Float Co., I was sent their upgraded model due to someinherent issues with their older design. Thi...
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Zen Float Tent for Sale

Hi everyone, I have a Zen Float tent from about 4 years ago that is in great shape (newer pump) and I am looking to sell it. There is nothing wrong with it, but we are just unable to keep in our house any more and we are fortunate enough to have two...
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Looking for used tank in Europe

Hello, I am looking for a tank or Zen float tent in Europe. If there is anyone that is selling please contact me. thanks...
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Zen float tent v. 1 vs v. 1.5 (upgrades)

Hi peeps! I'm new here, good to be here! I might have the opportunity of buying a used Zen version 1 tent my side of the Atlantic (UK) which obviously saves me a lot of money.I know there were a few bugs that were ironed out to produce the Zen v. ...
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Reviews on the Zen Float Tent?

I'm interested in purchasing the Zen Float Tent that's recently become available, but I can't seem to find any reviews for the product online. Does anyone know someone who has one, or know where I can find reviews for it?...
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