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Float Newb

I'M Opening a Spa Center and Need to Buy Motors and Pumps

I'm building a float center in my city and doing it from scratch. There are 3 large tubs and I require spa packs for them. Could anyone help me in acquiring the spa packs, please.There are so many manufacturers out there and I don't know which or wh...
Float Newb

Im looking for float enthusiasts in Northern California

Looking for float enthusiasts in the bay area who are interested in opening a center, hit me up....
Float Newb

Finding Proper Real Estate

As I am currently looking at real estate to possibly open a float center myself, it is proving difficult to find one that meets my specifications; plumbing requirements, etc.. I am trying to do some research on current float centers to see if they b...
Float Expert

More flooring

Let's take another run at the flooring question. Do you run a float center? Are your floors concrete, or beam-and-joist? How have you waterproofed your float rooms? How long ago/how much traffic has it seen? Are you happy with how it's holding ...
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