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Is a location in a mall viable?

Hi Everyone, My partners and I are looking to open a center in greater Milwaukee and have spent a lot of time narrowing down location options based on local demographics, square footage, and price. We've now engaged a commerical agent to help in our...
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If money wasn't an issue what Tank/Pod would you use for your centre?

Hi All, We are in the process of doing feasability and choosing a Tank/Pod for our proposed 3-4 tank center is proving more challenging than i had hoped. We are in a good position in terms of funding and i would love to hear some opinions on how oth...
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I'm having trouble putting it all together...

I am at the beginning stages of starting a float center. I am still doing research, and putting together my business plan. I'm concerned with all the information there is, and I'm afraid I am going to miss something, or overlook something. I am going...
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Float Conference coming up in August!

Hey there everyone! I wanted to fill everyone in on the Float Conference that's coming up in less than a month! It should be a really fun event. There are some pretty incredible speakers coming out this year. You can see all the speakers here:www....
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NAICs Code??

Trying to find a NAICS code associated with the floatation industry.  Does the industry even have one?...
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Is licence needed?

What do I take care legally (license, etc.) if I want to open Flotation center? Thank you. Deph....
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