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Determining the water bill

All, I've secured an investor for my float center and I'm trying to finish up my total monthly expenses so I can narrow down how much rent I can expect to afford monthly. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the water situation and budgeting acc...
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Float House Franchising

I just noticed the following page on their website: The Franchise Fee is $29 000.00 with 6% royalties. You will require $400 000.00 - $500 000.00 to get the doors open. Typically, you’ll need $150 000.00 of yo...
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Leasehold Improvements

How much did your landlord contribute to leasehold improvements for your build-out? I understand there could be a wide range depending on the value and length of your lease. I'm just curious to see what is reasonable or possible in lease negotiatio...
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How cheap can you go

Hi there everyone, I think a big problem with floating right now is that is it prohibitively expensive. I'm making my own tank now and so am looking at a lot of guides and plans all of which seem to me to be relatively high spec. One set of plans u...
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