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I'M Opening a Spa Center and Need to Buy Motors and Pumps

I'm building a float center in my city and doing it from scratch. There are 3 large tubs and I require spa packs for them. Could anyone help me in acquiring the spa packs, please.There are so many manufacturers out there and I don't know which or wh...
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Adding float room to existing spa?

I recently was offered a room for a float tank within a large existing spa. I have been having a lot of difficulty finding a spot to lease here, that is willing to let me do the improvements, so this is the first real positive response. The spa is hu...
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Reporter Tries Serene Dreams Upbeat reporter tries Serene Dreams....
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What to use as a door block?

From time to time we get someone who feels like they aren't getting enough air. I happen to be one of these people. My solution was to put a small adhesive door stop on the inside of the door. This keeps the door open about an inch. While this solves...
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Installing a light in a floatation spa

Hello Everyone! I ordered a light to go inside of my floatation spa. For those of you who have also done this, I was wondering where you installed it? I haven't received it yet, so I have no idea how long the cords are. I would prefer to install the...
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