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Version 2 of our float room coming soon....

Hey Float Community! Just wanted to let everyone know our version 2 of our float room will soon be available for purchase. We plan to unveil it at the float conference this year. There is a pretty crappy story with our journey of building our own f...
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Floataway Cabin for Two vs Ocean Float Room

J In
Hello We're planning on opening a new Float Center, starting with 2 Pods and 1 Room. Do you have some advise or tips on which brand/model to go with and which is the best? We're thinking of going with 2 Tranquility Pods, and 1 Ocean Float Room- bu...
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Float Room vs Float Pod??

Hello fellow float enthusiasts! I, like a seemingly growing number of people, have decided to take the plunge and open my own floatation centre in the UK. I have a premises secured and am now in the business of making all the planning over the last ...
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