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Float Newb

Need a lot of hellp !!!!

Hello, everyone! floatingin vest Romania. I`m curious to see if anyone here who is currently operating a centre would be willing to share any financial reports ( filtration system heating system ) or business plan documents so that I have a better ...
Float Expert

Float cabins for sale at rediculous price.

Hey all. Our float spa has moved spaces, before opening, and our new space does not have room for float cabins. We have 2 new ACE float cabins (same as the one on stage at last year's float conference), still at the factory ready to ship. ACE is now ...
Float Newb

Business Plan Help

A friend of mine and I have recently discovered floating and have fallen in love with it. We have also been thinking very seriously about opening one of our own here in our home town in South Carolina where floating isn't something that anyone has re...
Float Newb
Float Newb

Finding a Space

Hi fellow floaters! I'm in the process of trying to open a float center, and finding a proper space is presenting a challenge. I'm assuming that most people just starting a float business lease their spaces; what has everyone's experience been like ...
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