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I have a 3 year old Dream Pod (possibly two pods) for sale. Original price is $22000 USD. I'm asking for $8500 USD + Shipping and Handling - The magnetic pump and heater is still in good condition. The pump and heater is built to last.- There's one ...
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URGENT / FOR SALE: 2 Dreampods, 2 Ocean Floatrooms

Hi all, there are 4 used units for sale which can be shipped internationally. They need to be sold and shipped by June 28, so pretty soon. Currently in use at a commercial float spa. The pods and rooms can be sold individually but priority and furthe...
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Dream Pod Review

Very curious if anyone owns or has floated in a Dream Pod. What is the quality of the float? (does it let in light, does it hold temperature the whole float) What is theprice tag? Does it match or exceed quality of other float pods? How do cust...
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3 Float Tanks for Sale- 2 Dream Pods new motor)

Hi Everyone, Due to the concentration of float tanks in my area, I am finding it difficult to turn a profit and looking to sell my float tanks to move onto other business ventures. 2 Dream Pod v1 with Custom Manufactured North American Filters ...
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Longer-term Dreampod Customers

Hi! I've been lurking for awhile, finally writing my first post. My partner and I are planning to open the first float centre in Wellington New Zealand. I've seen that there are lots of centers in Australia that are using Dreampods, which we are also...
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