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Hello! Can anyone in western australia assist us in filling out the department of health application for for altering an aqua facility. And/or would like a couple of free volunteers to work at there float business. Thankyou :)

Hello everyone. My brother and I are planning to open a small float centre in Western Australia. Western Australia classes float tank services as an aqua facility. So we have to appropriately fill out the application form " to construct, alter , or...
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Home diy float room

Bathroom rebuild? we are planning a new bathroom next to our old. The old one were initially ment for a walk-in closet, but now i am thinking about building a floating room.:-) it is 4x2meters. Will be right next to our new shower, so i can make ...
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Business Plan Help

A friend of mine and I have recently discovered floating and have fallen in love with it. We have also been thinking very seriously about opening one of our own here in our home town in South Carolina where floating isn't something that anyone has re...
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Best material for diy tank?

hi all. ive officially caught the bug and now looking to make a small tank for my mom. i bought her a pass to try for her arthritis and she said she felt great after. im not in the financial position to buy a pro tank or even the zen tank is a wee ...
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Building first tank! hope to share plans.

Hello all! It has been on my mind constantly and today I started buying materials. I hope to build an affordable tank and share my process and detailed build with the community. I will be working on a budget but willing to spend a little extra. Did ...
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