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Float Newb

Home diy float room

Bathroom rebuild? we are planning a new bathroom next to our old. The old one were initially ment for a walk-in closet, but now i am thinking about building a floating room.:-) it is 4x2meters. Will be right next to our new shower, so i can make ...
Float Newb

Building first tank! hope to share plans.

Hello all! It has been on my mind constantly and today I started buying materials. I hope to build an affordable tank and share my process and detailed build with the community. I will be working on a budget but willing to spend a little extra. Did ...
Float Expert

Building a custom tall tank / float cabin

We have decided to go ahead and fabricate our own custom tall tanks (float cabin/float room) because we couldn't find anything on the market that really suited our needs. We really wanted the tall style because we think it's much more inviting to anx...
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