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Float Expert

Silent In-Line Fan

I've concluded that my Samadhi is too stuffy with passive air movement. Even with the Floater Comfort Control off. So I'm going to add a subtle fan to the out air exchange to pull more new air in. I'm looking around for something that will work well,...
Float Newb

What does your centre smell like?

Hi guys, Interested in knowing what pleasing scents people use in their centre/room or if you stopped using oils as you found that you could not please everyone's nasal passages!? I have gone a bit nuts with researching aromas and found there are e...
Float Enthusiast

floatation spa air circulation

I have an Oasis spa. There are two vent holes in the back for ventilation. I believe the Sahmadi spa has an air circulation system? I was reading about it on their website.   Question: Can some sort of air circulation system be installed in a...
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