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  1. ryan
  2. Maintenance
  3. Sunday, May 18 2014, 09:16 AM
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I am experiencing similar problems in my new float pod. The temperature set to 94 is way too hot. I tried 90 and still way too hot. Cooling down to 80 to try that. My Calibration must be screwed up. Any one have a float pod? I have about 50 hrs of float experience in a samadhi, but this is the first tank i have purchased... Hope I made the right choice!

Yes, your controller needs to be calibrated. What kind is it? Also, where is your heater and thermocouple?
  1. Kane Mantyla
  2. more than a month ago
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  1. WeFloat
  2. more than a month ago
I have a Float Pod. Heater is in the back. The Thermocouple is set to J. Not sure if that means anything to you. However now we have a new problem. My owners manual calls for 1200 lbs of salt however this makes the solution far too dense, I noticed my pump has been working hard and aas soon as i began diluting my solution my pump broke down. I can feel crystallized salt in the pipes and tubes in my mechanical area. No response from Float Pod yet....
  1. ryan
  2. more than a month ago
Nick Janicki made the floatpod by taking a direct moulding from one of the four i-sopod tanks that we sold him - the i-sopod is substantially bigger than a Samadhi and takes 525kg of Epsom salt which is just under 1200lbs, so the amount is correct.

Unfortunately when buying cheap counterfeit products you'll find things will be substandard. The floatpod pump and heater system is from a home use spa and probably isn't enough to agitate the solution sufficiently for the water to be of even temperature or indeed to stop the crystallization.
  1. Tim Strudwick
  2. more than a month ago

We have a floatpod too...I understand your troubles.

Feel free to connect with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clients love the pod....but running it in the back end is another story
  1. Natasha Botbijl
  2. more than a month ago
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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

Thermocouple set to J is normal and seems thermocouple is working fine. Do you know where the thermocouple sheath (end that senses temperature) is in the pod? is it near or far from the heater?

When you say heater is in back, is it an inline heater (heating element is in the plumbing and only heats while pump is on)? If not, is the heater on the floor in the back or in the wall?

If the heater is not inline and is in back, it could be a faulty design to begin with. If only the back portion of the pod is heating, it will create a heat disparity between the back and front which would would result in poor float environment.

If the heater is an inline heater, than most likely the calibration is off and simply needs to be adjusted with the controller. Could you upload a picture of the controller so that I can see it.


Salt density. Yes, 1200 lbs of epsom salt is a lot. It is 1/3 more than a Samadhi at maximum specific gravity, which I don't even like to float in. Do you have a hydrometer (specific gravity meter) to test? at 1.3 specific gravity, the solution is maximum saturation at 30% epsom salt. This will create a "stiff" solution which tends to produce more neck pain as the head falls further back. Also at maximum saturation, you run the risk of recrystalization which sounds like you are experiencing. Never let salt crystals go through the pump as they scratch the impeller and diminish efficiency (and makes the pump noisey). Usually a hair trap before the pump with a good filter medium it it (like the blue aquarium filter medium rolled up and inserted) will keep that from happening.

I think 1.27 is optimum and reduces the chance of recrystalization. Whatever the solution density, make sure the pumps are run for, at least, 15 minutes twice a day to keep stalagmites from forming.

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