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  3. Wednesday, September 11 2013, 07:08 PM
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Hello fellow float enthusiasts!

I, like a seemingly growing number of people, have decided to take the plunge and open my own floatation centre in the UK. I have a premises secured and am now in the business of making all the planning over the last 8 months a reality which is a scary but exciting prospect!

To that end, one of the key decisions is obviously which type of floatation tank to go for... well, it is actually not a question of a tank but more one of room or pod!

I have been pretty sold on I-sopods having had a great experience in one but I have this feeling that perhaps a float room (e.g. ocean float room) would be a more attractive (and less scary) prospect for the first-time floater and those who think they would feel a little claustrophobic. I have floated in both and personally prefer the I-sopod but was wondering if you helpful people may be able to shed any insight on your own experiences of rooms vs pods/tanks and those of your customers.

I know there has been a lot of chat here about tanks but this seems to focus on samadhi vs oasis vs pods with little to no mention of float rooms so wanted to "float" (see what I did there?!) the question and see what you guys thought.

Would really appreciate your input.



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Chad Accepted Answer
I am in the same debate with myself right now. I started with tanks and pods, but now I am leaning toward float rooms. I Think you are right with the claustrophobic feeling especially for beginners. Having both would be optimal.
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