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  1. Sherri G
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  3. Thursday, August 13 2020, 12:56 PM
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I have had a Samadhi tank now for 6 years. We just cleaned it and changed out the salt a few weeks ago. I feel like since then the suction is not as strong as it used to be. It is pushing out water on the other side but the things like hair, fuzz etc aren't getting filtered like previously. Once i was cleaning the tank with a washcloth and the suction actually pulled the washcloth out of my hand and into the filter system. I tried it the other day just to see where the suction strength is and it didn't do it. The piece that fits around the suction part called the skimmer doesn't float anymore, it just sits on the bottom of the tank floor. I am attaching a pic so everyone can see which area I am talking about. Any help is much appreciated!!!

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Hi Sherri G.,

I have a different model of float tank, but I'm curious if you resolved the issue. I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same issue, as well.

Hope it worked out!

  1. JamesG
  2. more than a month ago
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David Accepted Answer

If your water/solution level is not above the square cut out piece on top of the skimmer, the pump will not have any new solution to pump, because the skimmer bottom is preventing the flow of solution. It seems like adding a few more inches of solution would solve your issue.

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