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  1. Colin
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  3. Wednesday, July 24 2019, 07:22 PM
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I picked up this Evolution Float Pod at a warehouse auction in which it was labeled a science fiction movie prop. It is just the fiberglass pod and its lid, no other hardware - it has never been prepared for plumbing or lighting. It is, on the inside, a blank canvas. I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to complete it for my new garage spa: It is fiberglass, how would you plumb it for filtration so it doesn't leak? What kind of pump/filter would you buy? How would you install color changing LED lighting? What kind would you buy? I want to install gas springs so opening the lid is easy. How would you install them, what kind/strength would you get and what kind of screws would you use so that it remained stable in fiberglass? What kind of heavy duty back hinge connectors would you buy to keep the back of the lid down? How would you heat it? The bottom appears too thick for a waterbed heater. What kind of speakers would you add that wouldn't corrode in the salt water environment? Thanks. :)
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