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  1. Micah Weller
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  3. Saturday, April 27 2019, 12:22 AM
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I recently purchased a used escape pod 2014 model disassembled. It came with a used liner and when I was unraveling it there was a razor blade in it! I'm too apprehensive about using this liner as I don't want to deal with clean up of a leak, and more so don't want to have to drain the thing to replace all these parts later.

The seller gave me Jeremy's (from Escape Pod ) number, but I called and left a message and no response yet.

I found this liner online, but wondering if the actual liners its supposed to take are shaped like a box so the corners won't have a bunch of extra material like this generic one would. I tried googling replacement liners and was surprised to find almost nothing.

I'm wondering where I should get a liner from and what the thickness whould be.

Also, it only came with one waterbed heater, but manual says that it needs 2. I assume 2 need to be on to heat the pod, so I'm considering putting 4 in it because I again don't want to be tearing the thing down in a year or two to replace a $50 part.

Lastly, it comes with a white fiberglass square that you put the heaters on. Assuming I put 2 additional ones in the tank, I'll need another fiberglass square.

Thanks in advance,
I can't wait to get this tank all put together and get back to floating!

Sorry, the liner I found online was this one:

30mil thick
  1. Micah Weller
  2. more than a month ago
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JamesG Accepted Answer

Congrats on your purchase, Micah!

I would think that 2 waterbed heaters is sufficient, as one should be good enough to keep the tank at temperature and the other as a backup in case the main one fails. Four heaters seems like overkill. I set my backup heater thermostat two or three degrees lower than the main one. I also went the extra step of having each heater on a different electrical circuit, as well. Good luck getting it going!


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