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  3. Thursday, February 21 2019, 04:30 AM
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Greetings to All....

I am building a Float Center in our city and I need a mentor, a person that can help me negotiate the pitfalls of constructing and operating a float center. Your help would be most invaluable!

This my issue at this time, I've built 3 float tubs from scratch. Construction is 7' by 7' and 30" deep and is coated with poly urea coating. Each Unit requires a spa pack.

Could anyone help me in deciding what spa pack topurchase .There are so many manufacturers out there and I don't know which or what to buy.

Your assistancewould be invaluable.

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Master Floater Accepted Answer

floatation centers use float tanks, not spa tubs. A float tank needs to be enclosed. This is why it is referred to as an isolation tank, or sensory deprivation tank. Using open tubs are not float tanks, unless you are putting them in pitch black rooms, that are heated.

Also if you do not understand filtration systems, yet you want to run a float center, I would educate yourself on pool plumbing, pool pumps, and uv systems. You will have to build them all yourself. Any pool store can help you. You basically want a pool pump like a pentair 3/4 horsepower, a pool filter, and a uv system, like a delta e-20. You then basically connect it all with pvc, and then connect it to the tanks.

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