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  3. Wednesday, February 13 2019, 06:37 PM
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I am selling a brand new Zen Float Tank with a new pump/UV filtration system. After owning the former version of a sensory deprivation tent made by Zen Float Co., I was sent their upgraded model due to someinherent issues with their older design. This included a new tank and pump/UV filter. The heating system I used prior works great (heats water within .1 of a degree) and was not replaced. The new inflatable tank has never been set up, it is still in the box that Zen Float Co shipped it in.

Everything you need to start floating is included besides the Epsom salt. Since 800 lbs of Epsom salt is required to fill this tank, you should expect it to cost around $500. Enough of the followingis included for water maintenance for weeks/months of floating: pH Up and pH Down, solution test strips. The carbon filter was used each time water was added to the tank and could be replaced for $13. The filtration bag was sterilized after being used and can be replaced as well.

I decided not to set up the new tank and am instead selling it because I didn't use the former version enough to justify purchasing the Epsom salt again to only not use it much once again. Let me know what questions you have or if you'd like to purchase. Current location: Puyallup, WA. Contact: Andrew: 253-905-7287

Includes: Zen Float Tank (New in box), Pump/UV Filtration System (New in box), Temperature Control System (used): 2 radiant heating pads, temperature controller, Misc parts (used): Filter Bag, Inline Carbon Filter, Hydrometer, Test Strips, PH Levelers


North America Version

Size: 9'9 x 4'9 x 6'2

Cubic Feet: 99

Pump: 6500 L/H

Ultraviolet filter: 140w

Under tank radiant heaters: x2

Solution Held: 201 Gallons

Filled Weight: 2200 lbs

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Is thia still avialble

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