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  1. Kevin Michael Morneault
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  3. Tuesday, December 18 2018, 02:08 AM
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I was curious on the filtration process. I am aware that it will cycle through a few times over 20 min or so after a float session to "filter" the water. I do know this is not a 100% successful method as you are adding filtered water into unfiltered water and the theory is over time is will all be filtered. My big question is... could I use the pump/fitration system to pull the water out of the pod 100% and pump it into a holding tank or a holdingtank/heater and this would then ensure a 100% filtration.

I am aware there is a company out there that makes a pod that does this very method. And they pronmote how they are the most sanitary system on the market. But they were around 40k for a pod. My thoughts were, why not just add a tank system and modify to do the same thing. Has anyone had any experience in this or possibly point me in the correct location to modify the system like this.

Thank you all in advance.

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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

Yeah, even if filtration "turns water over 4 times" in a cycle, it doesn't guarantee that all the solution has been filtered. This is an issue if you only use UV becausee the solution is required to pass under the light to be disinfected. It is why most sanitation protocols require an additive to the solution like h2o2 or chlorine.Ozone doesn't have this problem because it permeates the entire solution, but even still, it has no risidual.

Even with a complete drain system, there still is the issue that bacteria love to cling to walls in plumbing so an additive is still required. As for ANY float pod, completely draining will be near impossible without a sloping floor drain. Even a sump pump can only remove water down to 1/4", the rest needs to be removed with towel or mop.

Given most molded pods are double walled for insulation, it makes creating a floor drain difficult, and if it isn't sloping, it may not work even if you could. If you did want to modify it, you would need to cut through both walls, reinforce them with 3" pvc section that fit between the walls, then add the floor drain. Most drains will have a lip so it will likely still leave some solution in the pod. Also you will have to consider that the floor drain will require an elbow plus a drain pipe, so this will stick out an addition 4-6" below the pod so the pod will need to be raised on a platform...

After all that, you need to consider it may leak and if it does, this is a SERIOUS issue because it will drain the entire pod of solution... It kinda makes $40k seem much more reasonable.

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