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  1. Sam Gandy
  2. For Sale
  3. Tuesday, December 04 2018, 03:04 PM
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Selling my Zen Float works very well, however my work and personal life means I'm not around enough to use it or look after it. So I'd like to pass it on to a good home, and at a very reasonable price. This is the original Zen Tent, but I bought all the various upgrades to upgrade it into a version 2.3 Zen Tent.
£850 (including UK shipping).
Item location: Market Harborough, UK
Pick up would be great, but can deliver to your home.
Excellent for muscle tension, fatigue relief, insomnia, depression prevention, anxiety alleviation, meditation, exploring consciousness. Magnesium in the epsom salt is very soothing and has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.
You get everything you need but the Epsom salt. The pump/filter system of the Zen Tent is its weakest aspect (and the filter supplied with it no longer works, but I shall include it), and as part of this sale I will be including two much more powerful pump filters, including:
1x Intex Krystal Clear Filter Pump for outdoor swimming pools (5,678 Litres/1,500 gal per hour) - (Purchased for £74.99 new)
1x All Pond Solutions UV Steriliser Filter Pump (2,500 Litres/550 gal per hour) - (Purchased for £69.99 new)
8 foot x 4 foot x 5.5 foot when fully assembled
1X 140W Ultra violet filter (bulb or unit needs fixing)
Polished Stainless steel frame
1x Hydrometer
1x 6500L/H Pump
1x Digital Water Temperature Controller (New)
Heavy duty Light-proof vinyl liner
1UM Mechanical filter
2x Under tank radiant heaters
Magnetic inner flaps (for securing filter)
Interested international (non UK) prospective buyers should get in contact to arrange international shipping.
Questions? PM me.
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Hi Sam!

Is the tank still for sale?
  1. Nolan John
  2. more than a month ago
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George Donegan Accepted Answer

Hi,is this stil available?

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Floating daydream Accepted Answer

Hello, do you still have this?



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