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  3. Thursday, September 06 2018, 08:30 PM
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My fiance recently bought me a 1 hr float session. My first thought was ok...I'll give this a try. I'm not sure I had the best experience, and was wondering if it was normal. The issues I had were 1) My feet got cold - around 5 min, or so. 2) My neck and shoulders started getting sore where I had to move and rub them - around 10-15 min. 3) At the 20 min mark I had to pee so bad I ended the session.

Is this a normal experience?


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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

I ran a float spa for 12 years and facilitated over 50k floats and can say with great confidence, the first float is hardest.

Your system is constantly active, processing gravity, sight, sound, temperature, etc. When you enter the float tank, there is NOTHING for it to do, so you will start to notice anything to keep your mind active. Chances are your feet have been far colder, but you never noticed. But you certainly will in the float tank.

The neck is probably the most uncomfortable part of the first couple floats. There should have been a head support, but if not, place your hands under your head to support it. The head becomes the heaviest part of the body in water so it will fall pretty far back when floating. Support helps until you get used the the environment.

Thank you for not peeing in the tank ;) I think, had you got out, went to the bathroom, then got back in, you would have had quite a different experience than the first half. It takes getting out of the tank to recognize nothing happens. This encapsulates the experience and makes letting go the second time much easier.

I strongly recommend doing it again. You will most likely find the second float to be waaaaay different than the first.

Reply back and let us know how it goes.

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