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  3. Thursday, August 23 2018, 02:25 PM
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.. This is my like new 2016 Classic Samadhi Tank. I am the only owner and user of this tank. I bought this tank new in 2016 for $13,800 with tax and shipping. I recently bought another tank, so I no longer have a need for this tank. This tank is somewhat special and different in that I designed a custom air circulation system for it, which no other Samadhi tank will have.

This Tank includes:

2016 Samadhi Tank. $11,700
Digital temperature control $500 (does not come with the standard tank, it is extra accessory to buy from samadhi)
Extra Door made in 2017 ( $1000 value you can resell). I was sent 2 doors, both were sent to me in 2017, one was free.
Filtration system - new filter ($30) and pump and hair catcher, with hoses/clamps.
New Heating mat $60
New Liner sent to me in 2017 - used but still in good condition
New clips for Liner $40
2nd Heater in top of tank - which is only in newer models
Custom Air Circulation System I developed $50 (which nobody has done with the samadhi).

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