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  1. Norbert
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  3. Sunday, July 22 2018, 05:54 PM
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Hello, everyone!

floatingin vest Romania.

I`m curious to see if anyone here who is currently operating a centre would be willing to share any financial reports ( filtration system heating system ) or business plan documents so that I have a better idea of what exactly I need.I have a blurryideafrom reading this great forum.But I`m sure I left out things which I will need from the start on.

I need helpin all areas which is needed to make a good floatingcentre

My Idea till now.( please feel free to correct me in any way )

1. pomp2.UV filtration 3. 2x 1 Micron filters 4. ozone 5.some sort of automation

In all of that above, I have no ideaof what or which products are better for a floating centre

Anything anyone could share would be incredibly helpful.

Best regards

Bica Norbert Romania

  Timișoara, Romania
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Hoa Tran Accepted Answer

DearBica Norbert Romania

Have you started with you floating center? I also have the same concern and want to learn about it. Please share me if you have initiated it.

Thanks alot

Hoa Tran

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