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  1. Zeste Détente
  2. Sanitation
  3. Monday, January 29 2018, 09:47 PM
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Hi folks !

I've been looking around and I don't find anything on the subject : I have a problem of foaming in my pod water. Not heavy foaming, but I can see that it seems to have some soap in the water, I see some bubbles after I turn off the pumps and foam forming around the hair filter.

Has anyone ever dealed with that ? How to clean my water from this soap ? I ask every client to wash toroughly but even then some might not do it properly...

I appreciate your help, thank you !! :)

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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

The foam could be a number of things. It possibly could be soap, if so, use a defoamer and it should go away. If it comes back, it is likely protein in the water and will need better oxidation to burn off the organic matter. If you regularly shock the solution, try raising the h2o2 levels to above 400ppm for 12 hours. If after that, you are still experiencing foaming, you likely have a bacteria colony. Again, keep h2o2 above 400ppm and add 2 cups of vinegar. This will break down the biofilm and allow the bacteria to be destroyed. If the colony is in the filtration system, you might need to disconnect your filtration and manually scrub it with some type of acid that can remove bacteria.

Thank you so much !!

I defintely tried to shock the solution once but may be not enough. I recently had a problem with my staff puting too much h202 in the pod and managed to lowered the solution to 50ppm. The foaming started just after that. I also tried a Scum Buddy wich is supposed to suck on the oil in the pod but nothing changed.

So may be because of the staff putting too much h202, it was like you said around 400ppm, and there was no foam.

I will try what you said and come back to give more info.

Thank you very much
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