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  1. Katherine H
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  3. Tuesday, March 21 2017, 04:58 AM
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I work in a float center, and one of our pods has been unuseable for around a month. I do the general maintenence and cleaning, and this pod has given us trouble since day 1. It recently had the water chanced, but we must have done something wrong, as crystals formed EVERYWHERE almost immediately. The filter intake, the hair filter, the ozone, and the pool filter all grew crystals within a week. I was able to flush them out with some scrubbing and some very very hot water, but I fear the cryals have formed in the filtration pipes, as well. Is there any way to ensure the pipes are clear without calling a specialist? I am not a professional as far as maintenence goes, but I have been working with these pods for roughly two years and have picked up a few things along the way.

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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

Epsom salt has a near 30% maximim saturation at 94 degrees F. Any drop in pressure or heat from maximum saturation will cause solution excess salts to recrystalize. It is not uncommon for solution at maximum saturation to recrystalize in the plumbing due to the lower temperatures outside the float device. We have our systems running automatically every day to prevent this.

Fortunately, Epsom salt dissolved in water, and especially hot water. To flush your pipes, you can force hot water through and it will dissolve. Be careful not to allow any crystals into the pump head as it will scratch the impeller.

I would next recommend adding water to your solution. Floats are too stiff at 1.3 specific gravity anyways (more neck issues and they float higher out of the water). What we do is add the manufacturers recommended amount of salt and then overfill it with water. We then skim off the excess solution into 5 gallon jugs to add back over time. This keeps solution "soft", prevents recrystalization, and provides us with "top-off" solution.

Good luck


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