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  3. Monday, July 04 2016, 09:07 PM
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I'll be changing solution for the fourth time with my Oasis. I've always wiped down the entire inside of the tank using 3% H2O2. I'm wondering if there are other things people do to clean and sanitize their tanks/pods/rooms before charging up again, especially the plumbing and filtration. I'll probably shock the solution before draining it and change the filter after cleaning the filter chamber. Any other ideas?

JamesG, i have had pretty good luck mixing up one part 70% rubbing alcohol to one part water; for example: 1 cup of water to 1 cup of 70% Isopropyl alcohol). i have heard of people adding this solution to a spray bottle, but i like to mix both parts and wipe the areas above the water line of the tank with a microfiber cloth dipped into the water rather than spraying. I do this about 3 times per week depending on the amount of people floating in that span of time (maybe about every 10 float sessions). Spraying can make the confined area harder to breathe. Remember that alcohol is flammable and the fumes can cause a number of symptoms, including headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritation of the nose and mucous membranes, throat irritations, and even difficulty with breathing.

Even though i have never experienced any of these symptoms, you must be aware of these concerns. This is also why it is advised to dilute alcohol with water.

I hoped this helped.
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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

James, how often do you change your solution?

I think shocking prior to draining is a great idea. I would add a good dose of vinegar and pump before this step. It will help to break down any biofilm that has collected in your plumbing and make the shocking more effective. Vinegar will also work for cleaning any oils or organic materials on liner or pod walls after it is drained. I tend to use a sump pump for draining, because I can then follow up with fresh water to rinse and have it all pumped out.

A great trick I have learned for filling is to add the correct amount of salt and then overfill the water. Then skim the extra into 5 gallon jugs/containers and set aside for refilling. This does a couple of things, first, it creates a "softer" solution so less problematic for the neck as the body more fully immerses. It also provides you with extra solution to add back as the level drops. I add back 1:1 fresh water to solution and it lasts a very long time, even with as much use as we get.

yeah, as a sole user of your tank, most loss of solution will probably be to evaporation, so overfilling technique doesn't really apply to you as you can add fresh water back to achieve original saturation. It does lower specific gravity which is a good thing (at least for first timers).
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I've changed solution at between 14-18 months, when the pH and other levels become difficult to manage. I test 2X week, so it is pretty clear when things are ready to change out. Changing solution takes a while with a hot water heater that's around 40 gallons,

That sounds like a great trick, though. Does the overfilling lower the specific gravity in your pod? For my home tank, it's not too frequent that I have to add water, so having extra solution isn't so necessary.

After vinegar and shock I think I will follow up the draining and cleaning with fresh water to rinse. Thanks.

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