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Understanding the two-types of stress and how it affects us

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When you hear the word stress, what thoughts often come to your mind? For most, I would have to guess a mixture of negative thoughts associated with the word; stress with work, stress about finances, stress about life in general. However, stress is not bad at all.  In a lot of cases, stress can actually be good.  As long as you can change your outlook on how stress affects your life and you can be mindful of why you are experiencing it, stress can be a powerful motivator in your life.  


What is stress?

Stress is your body's response to certain situations. Stress is subjective. Something that may be stressful for one person -- speaking in public, for instance -- may not be stressful for someone else. Not all stresses are "bad" either. For example, getting a new job promotion to a management position may be considered a "good" stress.


Do You Want Radiant Skin? Then Float

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It happens all the time. Someone walks out of the float tank and they are glowing. I often tell people when they come out of their float sessions, “You are glowing.” One of our clients, Grayson, recently gave a video testimonial where she talked about how she looked ten years younger after her first float. Having radiant skin has many benefits. For example, a recent article about, “How to Look Like a Millionaire,” indicates at the end of the article how important it is to have radiant skin. In other words, you can dress well but having radiant skin is as important as a beautiful suit or dress.

There are two main reasons for why floating helps you have better skin. The first is the increase of magnesium into the body. The second is the relaxation and stress reducing effect of floating.

Magnesium is absorbed into the body during a float session because the Epsom salt (MgSO4) is made of magnesium. In other words, when you float you are floating in a sea of millions of magnesium ions. The influx of magnesium helps your skin because magnesium is an important cofactor in biochemical reactions needed for skin repair (Livestrong, 2015). The book, “The Magnesium Miracle,” writes about a study in which cells that were deficient in magnesium were twice as likely to experience attacks from free radicals, thereby increasing wrinkles. The upshot of the study was that increasing magnesium reduced wrinkles. Magnesium also reduces skin allergies. If someone is low in magnesium it increases production of histamines, which can lead to skin reactions such as blotches. If you want to reduce skin allergies come float and get your magnesium.

Jim Hefner

Float Your Way to a Theta State of Mind

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FYI, the neurons in your brain would really like a break. Every second of every day, they are busy sending electrical signals that allow you to breathe, drive, walk and switch quickly between YouTube and work at your desk. These electrical signals rise and fall like the brain waves they are. Doctors discovered in the 30’s that certain brainwaves can be stimulated to achieve certain results. Theta waves exist at a 3-8hz frequency level associated with the early stages of sleep and deep relaxation. Scientists are finding that achieving this state offers many mind/body benefits, and floating is an easy, enjoyable way to get there.

Theta waves have been studied extensively and have been shown to improve a number of conditions. One study showed a 56% reduction in anxiety symptoms. Another showed a strong link between theta waves and improved memory. Many show an overall increase in feelings of physical and psychological wellness.[1] Zen meditation masters learn to achieve the Theta state after years of practice. Current research shows that people who float can achieve this state much more quickly and effortlessly.[2] So if you, like me, are quite unlikely to achieve Zen Master status anytime soon, the float tank may be the most pleasurable shortcut to happiness.

So, in addition to those listed above, what positive effects are associated with the Theta state?Enhanced creativity and problem solving seem to flourish in this state.[3] Improved relationships and tolerance are found in the Theta state, along with feelings of self-acceptance, self-awareness and peace. Perhaps the most exciting possibilities in the Theta state have to do with neuroplasticity, the proven fact of your brain’s ability to form new neural connections and “re-wire” itself, even in adulthood. This means that your brain can learn to overcome bad habits, even addictions, let go of negative feelings and even increase IQ. This is at the forefront of float research, but the link between neuroplasticity and Theta waves has already been proven by studying meditation.[4]

The beauty of the float experience lies in its simplicity. You lie down in warm, salty water and effortlessly float. And, it turns out, that without even trying, your brain can produce healing, powerful Theta waves as you float. Stay tuned; the new frontier of brain research seeks to prove how amazing the floating brain can be!


The things you see in a Float Tank


Edgar Allen Poe wrote of “fancies” he experienced “only when I am on the brink of sleep with the consciousness that I am so.” 

He’s not alone.  Many have used the tank to plug into that state and use it to explore deeper consciousness.