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Answers to Common Floating Questions

The major obstacle keeping people from enjoying the benefits of floating is simply a lack of information. They are unaware of how safe and healthy floating can be for the human body. No one should miss out on spending quality time in an isolation tank.

It is time to set the record straight and offer up some helpful answers to common floating questions –

Q: How clean is the water in the tanks?

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An Introduction from Sweden


An Introduction from Sweden

Published by Anu Enok and Catharina Jacobsson on January 22, 2013

swedish-floatation-associationLooking back, I realize that I’ve been a ”seeker” most of my life. I have always ”wanted to know what to find around the next corner”, which means I have tried a lot of things. I have been mixing jobs and studies. I have studied different stuff like market economy, relaxation pedagogy, different kinds of handicraft. I worked as a teacher, a secretary, a silver smith, and a project manager at an advertising agency (in which I was also part owner). 10 years ago my ”seeking” partially stopped.

I ran into a friend who had been to Stockholm to float. ”What’s that”, I asked. She told me, and I got stuck. I quit the advertising agency and started my own business with two floating tanks. During these 10 years I’ve been one of the founders of the Swedish Floatation Association. Being a member of the board I also helped starting the first education in the world for the floating business. I’m definitely no expert on anything, but with my multicolored background, I can say I know a little about a lot, and after my 10 years with floating I hope to be able to contribute with my experience and the work we do within the Swedish Floatation Association.

I will discuss the different topics with Catharina and we will answer as ”one mouth”, as representatives from the SFA. Sometimes it might happen that I will give a personal opinion as well. 

I am an economist and wellness consultant with specialization in mental training. I have not managed to try as many jobs as my colleague Anu. Athletics and health have always been close to my heart. After having been a regular floating customer for many years, I decided to start my own business with the vision to combine floating and mental training, for those who wish, a way to achieve a better "flow" in everyday life or enhanced performance of athletes.