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Float Tanks Solutions

Don't Squander Water

Once you start planning out the monthly costs for your float center, you’ll quickly come to appreciate a running joke in the industry: although you may think you’re providing floats, what you’re really doing is running a shower business.

Each person that floats at your center will take two showers: one before their float, and one after. These showers are definitely necessary. Before a customer enters a float tank, you’ll want them to shower in order to make sure that water contamination from skin oils and dirt is minimized, and after a float a customer is going to need a shower to remove the salty residue from their skin.

Float Center Utility Bill

The cost of these showers quickly adds up, and makes your water bill one of the most expensive recurring costs of owning and operating a center, especially if you’re in an area with a limited or expensive water supply. Furthermore, most people enjoy hot showers, which can put an unfortunate strain on your water heater. Our float center, Float On, pushed our 50 gallon water heater beyond it’s limit (with 4 simultaneous showers followed closely by 4 more), and we HAD to install low-flow showerheads in order to have enough hot water for all 4 rooms.

That being said, there are a few simple tactics to lower your usage, and consequently take stress off your water heater and lower your float center’s water expenses.

Install low-flow showerheads

Float Tanks Solutions

Four Simple, but Important Lessons We've Learned About Float Room Construction

1 - Put your shower directly next to the float tank.

Float tank showerDon't leave even an inch of room. Essentially you want an airlock but for salt- a  saltlock. That way they go from their shower directly into the float tank and (more importantly) from the salty float tank straight into the shower.

Doing this will prevent hours of cleaning, tens of thousands of dollars of salt damage, and the loss of your sanity. Whenever we hear from a float center going into construction, this is the first thing we tell them.


 2 - Tear everything out first.