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Why does Drop Of Calm promote other centers?


Does it seem odd that we promote all floatation centers?
Stay with me through the end of this article before you answer.

When Drop Of Calm opened, there was one public floatation tank in the Treasure Valley. With Good Floatations, Brant brought REST back to Boise after about 20 years of absence. After 18 years of practicing meditation, I finally had a chance to try floating. It was still called "sensory deprivation" in my mind.

Oasis Relaxation System
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For my first float, I decided not to try so much as a breathing exercise. Floating should be what floating is before I start poking at it. Alright, maybe I took one deep breath before actually stepping into that Oasis Relaxation System, but that doesn't count. Time was up after an hour. Music gently brought me back to reality... wait... brought me back from where? It was impossible to say what I had been thinking about or where I was. Serenity pervaded my every sense. Intentionally, I made no effort toward meditation, but felt the same glow I always feel after a good session. Feeling a well tuned psyche, I opened the door and stood up to find that my arthritis pain was almost completely gone. Not something I would expect given how much pain I was in that morning.

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A Little Past - History of Floatation from Glenn Perry

A Little Past

Published by Glenn Perry on January 20, 2013

In the late 1960's, I was a systems computer programmer. At one point, I was in a department with just two other people. If I went down to the cafeteria with one of them, I would talk. But if I went down with both of them, I was too shy, and I would be silent.

In 1972, someone at work recommended John Lilly's"Center of the Cyclone". I was so impressed with it that, a short while later, when I saw an ad for a 5 day workshop he was giving, I immediately signed up.

There were 8 of us and we were each able to use a makeshift tank that was there. That first morning I used it. I came out to a scintillating, vibrant, energy universe. My senses were heightened and my sense of time was distorted. I was in a very unusual altered state. It was fantastic and I felt incredible.

Then after lunch, John asked me to share my experience. I did so and found something even more incredible. I was comfortable. I was actually comfortable talking in front of a group of people. Now, that was significant.