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Northwest Floatation Center

How Weightlessness Affects the Human Body

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Originally, astronauts preparing for space first used sensory deprivation. In fact, NASA still trains their space personnel with these devices. While astronauts need to know how weightlessness will affect their bodies over time, floatation tanks focus on providing short-term benefits to users. Interestingly, when used as a therapy aid, floatation tank sessions have the exact opposite effect of long-term weightlessness in space.


In space, lack of gravity over time starts to shrink muscles and bone mass causing widespread pain and poor joint functionality. Muscle shrinkage also affects the heart’s ability to pump blood. In a zero gravity environment, blood flow does not fight moving towards the heart and head as it does on earth. The result is that blood flows more freely in peoples’ upper extremities and can cause puffiness in the face and eyes.

Float Science

The Benefits of Float Tanks

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Float tank therapy or sensory deprivation therapy gives you one of the most amazing experiences ever for relaxation and stress relief. Research done by he Swedish research council has also shown that the relaxation that you get on a float tank drastically helps in reducing stress and relieves pain without any side effects. It has also been found that the floating therapy reduces the blood pressure and cholesterol from the body.

Sensory deprivation therapy was first introduced in 1954 by the researchers of National Institute of Mental Health, Washington. Its effectiveness is seen all over the whole world. This technique as has been documented and researched for physical, mental health, addiction, athletics etc.

The Isolation tank or float tank therapy increases the blood circulation throughout the body and also maintains proper oxygen supply to the cells of the whole body. It also promotes blood flow to the brain, which in turn maintains healing effect for the whole body.