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Kane Mantyla

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

We recently promoted with Groupon again. It was the first time in a few years. They changed their program a bit and quickly surfaced a disturbing business practice.

First, they do not promote a single business for a single day or weekend. Most who receive Groupon emails are familiar with this. They now promote several business, products, and even travel all at once. This, in and of itself is fine. When making the agreement, I noticed that our promotion didn't end within a week, or even two, but rather the promotion would continue for the duration of the promotional value (in our case 6mo) or until the cap had been reached and that they would promote on thier site, through email, and through their network.

This all sounded reasonable for a company who pioneered the daily deal and was now awash in competition. So we went for it.

The deal launched and returned fewer sales than even the new kids on the block, Amazon Local, or Google deals. This came as  a surprise, considering a whopping 1700 sold my first go with them. I wasn't expecting a ton, but oh well, there are others.

Dylan Calm

Create a Mini-Research Study and Market the Results!

While the float conference was chock full of exciting presentations, one in particular stood out to me for empowered float centers that were already open and running. Not only did the talk by Dr. Robert Schreyer give inspiration for float centers to perform small unofficial research projects, but he also encouraged us to use that knowledge as a marketing tool for our own businesses.

We all hear about the various benefits of floating from our clients. We start to see themes occurring and benefits that correlate with particular clients that come to our float centers. Sufferers of back pain are finding relief. People undergoing chemotherapy come out of the tank with more energy. Insomniacs are finally getting a full nights rest. The idea proposed by Dr. Robert Schreyer is that we take these themes of healing and base a research study off of it.

The premise as I interpreted it is like this:
Take any benefit you believe floating gives you or your clients
Acquire a collection of before and after feedback forms from clients
Organize data
Present findings served with side of crème brulee

There are a few basic rules that you will want to follow when creating your own unofficial study:
1. Do not edit your findings (If someone reports data that goes against the grain or your perceived outcome/hypothesis, you have to keep it!)
2. Do not pick and choose your test subjects. Get everyone that meets your criteria.
3. It is probabky a good idea to get a signature from them saying they agree to participate in your study and that their information and findings can be published.

Dylan Calm

Groupon – Bringing more customers back to your business

Float Tank Thank You cardDaily Deals (sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and local equivalents) are a popular offering from float tank centers, and consumers tend to gobble them up. When a float center runs a Groupon or other daily deal we are able to profit 

immediately and do not feel a strain on our resources when customers redeem them. After all, it costs nearly the

same amount to maintain an empty float room as it does when someone floats with us.