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The Effect of Floating on Dreams

The Effect of Floating on Dreams

The term “lucid dreaming” refers to being aware of the dream and dream state while asleep. Some people capable of lucid dreaming are able to influence their dreams, making their dreams happen in a specific, desired way. Floatation tanks can be an optimal venue for lucid dreams. There are many ways to improve or cultivate lucid dreaming abilities, resulting in dreams that feel very real and often provide an out-of-body type of experience. Lucid dreaming can even allow people to consciously have experiences they would never have in real life.

How Does it Work?

When a person is dreaming, the left hemisphere of the brain is shut down. The left hemisphere is responsible for logical thought, sequential thinking, rules, and understanding of time. This is why dreams are so often illogical, jump from one situation to the next with no continuity, and appear to take either no time at all or a surprisingly long amount of time. The right hemisphere, often considered to be the “more creative” hemisphere, is solely responsible for dreaming.

Normal dreams are accompanied by a lack of self-consciousness, meaning an inability to recognize that the situations being experienced are not real. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is self conscious; in other words, the dreamer is aware he or she is experiencing a dream. This means that he or she can make conscious choices in the dream, instead of simply moving through the dream as a programmed participant or spectator.

Isolation Tank Plans

Floating Dreams

float tank isolation tank and lucid dreams

Dreaming is a natural part of the human experience. The subconscious mind comes alive during REM sleep and bombards us with images of people, places and things that seem all so jumbled and random.

People spend time and money trying to understand what influences their dreams and what those dreams actually mean. Others resort to the technique of lucid dreaming to control their dreams.

The ability to lucid dream and floating in an isolation tank go hand in hand. Lucid dreaming differs from regular dreaming because the dreamer retains an awareness they are dreaming. In other words, a lucid dreamer knows they are dreaming and can control the dream through their thoughts, words and actions.